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Commonly Asked By New Clients
  • We're just a "mom and pop" operation. We don't even have 20 employees yet.  Do we really have to worry about all these complicated employment laws?  After all, its not like we're some Fortune 500 company or something.
  • We got an employee handbook from our insurance company. It's only a couple of years old. All we have to do is fill in the name of our company and we're good to go.  Why in the world would we want to have WorkplaceLegalSolutions review it before we hand it out to our employees?
  • We received a letter from the EEOC.  An employee has filed a Charge of Discrimination against us.  The EEOC investigator just called, and she seems very nice.  She says everything will be fine if we just cooperate by giving her copies of the documents she wants, and let her talk with our employees and supervisors. This doesn't seem like a big deal.  Can't we just handle this ourselves?
  • We haven't looked at some of our employee FLSA classifications in years (exempt/nonexempt, salaried/hourly).  We have a seasoned HR staff / PEO  and feel comfortable having them review our classifications to see whether we need to make any changes.  We should be okay with this approach, right?
  • We are getting ready to do a layoff and some of the employees we are letting go are over 40.  We still have a copy of a separation agreement we used a few years ago when we terminated a young minority female.  A lawyer wrote it. Can't we just copy it and use it this time in exchange for the severance we plan to offer when we do the layoff? 
  • One of the teenagers working for us over the summer says her manager has been "hitting on her."  Everyone knows the manager is always joking around.  She says its sexual harassment. I think she's been watching too much TV. Our HR person says we have to do a full blown investigation, and interview all the other girls as well.  Do we really have to go through all of that, especially since the kids will be gone in a couple of weeks when school is back in session?  Can't I just talk to her manager and tell him to knock it off?
  • We assist clients with these type of issues, and more.
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